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12 Inch Vinyl for Sale
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1) U2  "Out Of Control"  12"   (NM)  CBS 12-7951 very rare import from ireland, b/w Stories For Boys + Boy/Girl $71.00    Product #124298 
2) UB40  "If It Happens Again"  12"   (VG++)  A&M 12112 / 1984 Extended Version b / w Single Version & "Nkomo A Go Go." $6.00    Product #36332 
3) U-Krew  "Let Me Be Your Lover"  12"   (NM / NM)  Enigma 75541 / 1990 Fresh Mix / Alternate Single Edit / Instrumental / Dub Version / Percus-a-Pella / Perc-A-Bass-Ella. Writing on label. $7.00    Product #44770 
4) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 36"  12"   (VG++)  Ultimix complete 3 record set; think, black cat, giving you the benefit, the A project, hippychick, doin' the do, last night a DJ saved my life; includes unused BPM stickers $40.00    Product #96627 
5) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 35"  12"   (VG++)  Ultimix sides C + D, jerk out, romeo $15.00    Product #96630 
6) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 46"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, it's gonna be a lovely day, get away, let's get together, I love music, gangsta, thing goin' on, get up, run to you $50.00    Product #105161 
7) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 44"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, hold on, jam parts 1 & 2, free your mind, wishing on a star, step by step, can you feel it, when I think of you $50.00    Product #105162 
8) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 40"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, promise of a new day, $40.00    Product #105165 
9) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 39"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers (lady marmalade sticker is partially torn), let the beat hit 'em, this time make it funky (parts 1 & 2), this beat is hot, the robots, bass power, love desire, lady marmalade $45.00    Product #105166 
10) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 38"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, here we go, rescue me, state of the world, anthem/come on, touch me, can't get enough of your love, state farm $45.00    Product #105167 
11) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 34"  12"   (VG+)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, alright, the power, don't you love me, pump that body, the sex of it, I don't know anybody else, that's the way of the world $35.00    Product #105169 
12) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 41"  12"   (VG)  Ultimix complete 3 record set: in my dreams, rave on (tech-no medley), good friend, too much of a good thing, move your feet, the madonna medley, pride (in the name of love), just a touch of love; includes unused BPM stickers $45.00    Product #96624 
13) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 42"  12"   (VG)  Ultimix 2 record set, sides A, B, C, D; remember the time, oh no! techno II, chic mystique, nu nu $20.00    Product #96623 
14) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 47"  12"   (VG)  Ultimix complete 3 record set; more & more, this is AB logic, exterminating my life, you (don't you stop), looking through patient eyes, do what you wanna do, what can you do for me, stand by me $35.00    Product #96620 
15) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 48"  12"   (VG+)  Ultimix complete 3 record set; rockin' to the music, silicon jesus, tribal dance, happy, just a little bit of love, looks like I'm in love again, only with you, step it up, electric boogie; includes unused BPM stickers $40.00    Product #96617 
16) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 53"  12"   (VG+)  Ultimix sides C + D; one night in heaven, slave to the music / take me away; includes unused BPM stickers $12.00    Product #96616 
17) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 49"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers and august 1993 ultimix newsletter, right here, will you be there, human nature, love for love, what is love, life, slide on rhythm, get it up, you make me feel good, switch, get off $50.00    Product #116727 
18) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 43"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, best things in life are free, come on boy, keep on walkin', it should have been you, o' fortuna, man with the masterplan, in the closet, take my advise, planet rock $50.00    Product #128534 
19) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 37"  12"   (NM)  Ultimix complete 3 record set, includes unused BPM stickers, gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now), justiy my love, strike it up, I've got you under my skin, someday, world in my eyes, I like you $45.00    Product #105168 
20) Ultimate Mix  "Ultimix 45"  12"   (VG+)  Ultimix complete 3 record set; you gotta believe, carry on, understand this groove, you lied to me, peace & love inc, he said she said, rock with you; includes unused BPM stickers $45.00    Product #96621 

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